Ghost Red Chilli or Bhut Jolokia- Think you can handle the heat?

Ghost red chilli or Bhut Jolokia, has acquired its name as the hottest pepper in India by no accident. Ask anyone who has dared to take a bite off the ghost pepper and they will explain in emphatic fashion why the tag of the hottest pepper flake is not an understatement. People who have tried it explains it as something that is too difficult to handle that you wish you would just die so that the burning sensation will finally stop. They strongly warn people who are not used to spicy food to desist from trying it.

The heat value of Bhut Jolokia is too high that not everyone can withstand the heat. Scoville rating, a measurement of hotness, places the heat value of Naga jolokia pepper at an astounding 1,041,427 SHUs, much higher than the average capsicum. A positive side to this intense heat is the belief that it can cure stomach ailments. This belief has found a lot of takers in the remote backward villages of India where it is grown in abundance. The logic is simple; how can the bacteria and other microorganisms survive the intense heat when your normal taste buds can’t handle it?

So where do you buy Bhut Jolokia pepper that has acquired the reputation of the spiciest pepper in the world? Grown mostly in North East India, you are sure to find high quality suppliers to buy ghost pepper. The Indian states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland and Manipur top the list of the major producers.

Now that there is a Guinness world record attached to it, the Bhut jolokia pepper has found a lot of takers from across the globe. There are many trusted suppliers offering Bhut Jolokia for sale across India. The demand has been rising over the years. They are available to be bought as raw chillies, dried chillies or as a paste. Other than being used in food, they have found applications in defense as well. DRDO, a technological wing of the government has been successful in developing chilli grenades and pepper sprays out of these peppers. Due to their concentrated heat and ready availability, they have generated a lot of interest in other industries as well.

Bhut Jolokia has many different varieties and although they are all extremely spicy, the level of spiciness may differ. The Dorsat Naga, a variant of the naga morich has a spiciness level of about 1,598,227 SHUs for ripe fruit. This strain is one of the spiciest matters ever recorded by scientists.

Due to the wide competition, a lot of suppliers have come up offering the Bhut Jolokia, but not all of them can offer good quality peppers. Some of these may be old stock and some of these may be not 100% pure. The best way to ensure that you are purchasing high quality, authentic, Indian Bhut Jolokia is by going for a reputed supplier. You can use the internet to find suppliers who sell this pepper or directly contact us.

– Written by Jaga Salai, working as Production Manager in Alobha Exim

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