Time to Stop Adding Milk to your Tea

For those of us so used to adding milk to tea, this may come as a surprise. Researchers have shown that adding milk to tea actually takes away most of the health benefits tea can provide. And what’s more, it can even aid in weight gain! Adding tea to your tea can negate the antioxidant properties of the tea and even reduce its capacity to dilate your blood vessels. We know that it is a lot of fresh information to take in a matter of seconds. So let us break it down for you.

Before we go into the benefits of drinking black tea, let us take a look at some of the results that the research showed. The Flow Mediated Dilation FMD of the artery saw a great improvement when the subject was put on a regular diet of black tea, but when milk was introduced into the beverage; the benefit was at once taken away. Another unique advantage of tea was the weight loss due to black tea. But when milk was added to it, the antioxidants responsible for the weight reduction were rendered useless and hence, no more weight loss. To make matters more worse, the extra proteins and calories in the milk made you a possible candidate for gaining weight.

We are by no way suggesting that you should all of a sudden stop drinking tea with milk all of a sudden and completely switch to black tea. The best way to do this transition would be to reduce the number of times you use milk in your tea and replace it with black tea. And thus, eventually, you can comfortably reach a stage where you no longer require milk in your tea.

Let’s talk about some more tea without milk health benefits. Drinking black tea regularly can reduce the cholesterol levels in your body and can also reduce the level of fatty acid. This is achieved due to the inherent antioxidant properties of tea. This weight loss is completely natural and it does not have any adverse side effects. Research programs are underway to figure out types of tea which do not have problems when milk is added to them. This way, people who are so used to having milky tea do not have to drop their habit. Although nothing concrete has taken shape yet, scientists are optimistic about finding a solution to this problem. Another solution is to opt for toned milk or skimmed milk that has lesser fatty content in them.

A lot of attention is being given to green tea that most people tend to overlook the excellent health benefits of drinking black tea. This is all set to change with more and more people realizing how much they can achieve by simply not adding milk to their tea. Until the time when scientists come up with a tea variety that won’t lose its health properties when milk is added to it, this seems to be the only viable option available in front of tea lovers

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