Turmeric- the modern day panacea!

We all know how important medicines have become in today’s world. But, there is hardly anyone out there who would take medicines unless there was another option. The primary reason being the nasty taste most medicines have. What if we were to tell you that there is a perfectly natural medicine that has a beautiful aroma as well as a delightful taste and has the potential to cure a wide range of conditions including cancer, arthritis, skin diseases, cholesterol, hypertension and even wrinkles? Sounds too good to be true, right? This is exactly what the humble Turmeric offers.

Easily the healthiest spice on the planet, turmeric powder prepared by grinding the dried root of curcuma longa plant has found mention in old Vedic text books. Curcuma longa and its main component turmeric Curcumin has been identified as natural remedies for cancer, allergies, Alzheimer’s disease, cognitive decline, cataracts, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease and cardiovascular diseases.

Turmeric (Curcuma Longa) belongs to Zingiberacae Family and is a perennial plant that grows 3 to 5 feet high in the tropical regions. In India it is grown allover but specially in Bengal, Bombay and in Tamilnadu.  Due to its historic and cultural importance, Indian government has gone to great lengths to promote this medicinal herb, thus making India one of the largest suppliers of turmeric to USA and other world markets. There are many Indian exporters of turmeric who have made a name for themselves in these markets. To understand the soaring demand and rising sales, one needs to look at the various medicinal properties of curcuma turmeric in detail.

Let us look at 15 reasons why turmeric has become so popular in the US.

  1. Medicinal properties which are proved globally by doctors and scientists:
  2. Antioxidant
  3. Anti Inflammatory
  4. Anti arthritic
  5. Anti tumor
  6. Anti viral
  7. Best bowel inflammation cure
  8. Prevents formation of tumors
  9. Reduces risk of leukemia
  10. Improves liver function
  11. Lowers cholesterol
  12. Prevents from heart attacks or strokes
  13. Prevents Alzheimer disease
  14. Prevents Arthritis
  15. Cures allergies

Where does turmeric get its medicinal properties?

Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, is at the heart of this spice’s medicinal properties. It has been proved that Curcumin has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Antioxidants ward off any free radicals that may otherwise harm our body. This provides a much needed relief to our immune system which can rejuvenate itself and protect us better.

Health benefits of turmeric

The anti-inflammatory property of Curcumin is what makes it such a huge relief in arthritis treatment. Authentic studies have proven that the three main curcuminoids in turmeric are responsible its anti-arthritis effects. Alzheimer’s patients too find this property of turmeric useful. There are unverified studies that shows that in certain villages in India where the use of turmeric in the local cuisine is abundant, the number of Alzheimer’s cases reported were zero for decades.

Turmeric is also known to be effective in the treatment of psoriasis. Many patients have found relief from this abominable condition by adhering to a turmeric rich diet. The anti-inflammatory property of turmeric is what makes all the difference here. Allopathic experts have only recently realized its advantages, but Ayurvedic experts in India have been professing it for centuries.

Hypertension and cholesterol, which are two of the most rampant conditions worldwide, kill millions of people every year. Studies have shown that turmeric nutritional benefits include effective protection against these conditions as well. It is able to achieve this by preventing platelets from clumping together, which may help guard against atherosclerosis and improve blood circulation.

Another promising revelation has been its use against cancer, more specifically skin cancer and breast cancer. Its positives effects have not yet been scientifically proven, but experts worldwide are of the opinion that their observations in this regard have been encouraging. If this is found to be true, it will indeed be a big boost to low-cost cancer prevention methods.

There is good reason to cheer for people who are worried about ageing as well. The antioxidant properties of turmeric give us young looks and make us to feel young. It reduces inflammation in joints, protects the heart, reduces cholesterol and keeps us very healthy. Blood nourishes the skin and it is known fact that pure blood always keeps the skin glowing and radiant. Turmeric purifies blood, nourishes skin and gives it a healthy natural glow and radiance.

A traditional face pack of India consists of gram flour, pure turmeric powder, milk and honey. This reduces inflammation of skin, smoothens it and prevents many skin ailments.

Why is Indian turmeric so famous?

Indian exports of Turmeric has increased steadily over the years but marked its sharpest rise in 2014-2015 when it increased by 18% compared to the previous year. The high quality of the turmeric, ready availability and easy export procedures has made Indian Turmeric very popular among world nations. India is today the world’s largest turmeric producer owning approximately 80% of the global cultivation. Major importers of Indian turmeric are Middle East, African countries, Iran, Japan and Sri Lanka.

Indian Curcuma Longa has become famous due to the following solid reasons

  • Soil in many parts of India is favorable to produce good quality turmeric
  • The curcumin percentage in turmeric is consistent
  • The colour of Turmeric is attractive
  • The aroma of Turmeric is mouth watering
  • Longer shelf life
  • Pesticides free
  • Various government initiatives to encourage farmers and boost production.
  • Export benefits by Indian Government for exporters
  • Packing as per the requirements of market and customers
  • Experienced farmers to grow good and acceptable quality of Turmeric
  • Since turmeric is being cultivated and exported since a long time, the exporters also understands the requirement of Customers in different countries
  • Financial support by Government to farmers
  • Customers confidence on Indian turmeric since the Government of India has initiated stringent measures to boost up exports of good quality

Considering all these facts, it is high time that you considered some Indian exporters of turmeric to give yourself the best quality turmeric available out there.

– Written by Jaga Salai, a food technologist, working as Production Manager in Alobha Exim


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