Where to buy fresh Turmeric

Turmeric has long been a vital part of various cuisines worldwide. Apart from its culinary role, it is widely used for medicinal purposes, manufacture of vitamins, antiseptics etc. However it is not that easy to get hold of organic and high quality turmeric these days. If you are wondering where to buy turmeric, you have come to the right place. This article will take you through the various grades, uses and most importantly, how to identify fresh turmeric.

Lets look at some health benefits of turmeric

  • Finds wide application as spice and medicinal herb
  • Proven heart health benefits
  • Can prevent cancer
  • Natural skin enhancement properties
  • Improves antioxidant levels
  • Has proven anti-inflammatory effects

Where does turmeric grow in India?

Even though turmeric is grown all across the world, Indian turmeric holds a place of its own due to the large variety, high curcumin content and readily available stocks throughout the year. The turmeric fingers, roots and bulbs are sourced from various places in India which is known for their turmeric quality. Places in South India like Erode and Kerala are especially famous for their turmeric farmers.

To make turmeric spice, the fresh turmeric rhizomes are boiled down and then dried in ovens. Once dried, it is ground down into a fine powder. Turmeric spice is easily identifiable for its distinctive orange-yellow color and mustard-like aroma. In fact, turmeric spice is often used in mustard condiments, as well. The percentage of curcumin may vary with grades and you need to find it out when you are searching where to buy turmeric root.

The distinct yellow color that turmeric gives to dishes has long been a favorite among food lovers. This is one reason why Indian Cuisines have gained popularity worldwide. It is hard to find an Indian dish that doesn’t use turmeric at one stage or the other. The unique taste and intense yellow color of turmeric powder make this Indian spice a great addition to a number of dishes. 

Where to buy turmeric?

Buying original and high quality turmeric is quite a challenge in itself due to the large number of sellers. Most of them sell generic turmeric which may not be fresh and organic. One can also buy turmeric online, but again, finding a trustworthy seller can be a problem.

This is where Alobha Exim, one of the largest supplier of Turmeric in India, can come to your rescue. We source our turmeric roots and bulbs directly from farmers across India and special care is taken to ensure that the curcumin content is high. This procured turmeric roots is then processed in our world-class manufacturing plant and is then subjected to multiple levels of quality tests. Finally, the powder is packed in air-tight containers and shipped off to respective destinations. We are already shipping turmeric products to various countries in the Middle East, US, Africa etc. Alobha Exim offers 100% pure turmeric powder which contains no additives, preservatives, or fillers.

Alobha Exim is all that you need if you were searching where to buy turmeric.

– Written by Jaga Salai, a food technologist, working as Production Manager in Alobha Exim

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